To the crew here at Teamwork Physical Therapy, “Teamwork” is more than just our name. It’s more than a word on our signs and it’s more than the print on the t-shirts that we award to discharged patients. “Teamwork” is a philosophy that we live by and we strive to make sure that it touches every facet of our interaction with our clients.

“Teamwork” defines the partnership between our staff and the doctors who refer our patients. It focuses the relationships between our therapists and our office staff and it clarifies our clinical focus. Most importantly, though, it frames the connection between clinician and client. Positive outcomes, in every individual challenge, come from having a program that keeps you motivated and a core philosophy built upon shared goals.

What that means, in practice, is that, as a patient at Teamwork Physical Therapy, you receive goal oriented programs customized to your diagnosis. It means that you get a consistency of care that runs through all of our locations and all of our therapists. It means that you get personalized and individual care and it means that we work with your other care providers to provide treatments that exist as part of an overall plan, rather than in a vacuum.

We hope that you’ll explore our website and we hope that, if you’re seeking physical therapy, that you’ll consider visiting one of our 5 locations in southeastern Massachusetts. Questions are always welcome. We’re here to be a resource.

Sometimes individuals achieve great victories by themselves but, more often than not, success comes from having a great team behind you.

Al, Tim & the Teamwork PT crew