“I wanted to take this opportunity to express my extreme gratitude for the wonderful rehabilitative work that you performed with me during my recent lumbosacral spine injury. I am happy to say that my back is feeling 100% better thanks to your kind and careful ministrations. I was impressed by your professionalism, courtesy and thoroughness and kindness. I have recommended your facility to several of my friends and will continue to recommend you to my patients. I hope all of you are well and thriving. Although I am glad to be recovered, I do miss seeing you for the several-times-a-week visits.” local physician (Dartmouth)

“Excellent results thanks to knowledge and treatment by therapist. She provided the motivation I needed to continue my treatment” Donna (Dartmouth)

“Quincy’s staff is exceptionally well-trained and a pleasure to work with. I was always challenged more in my visits- to my benefit- but never beyond my own physical limits. The therapists provided a home regimen of exercises and stretches that I know are helping me”. Donna (Quincy)

“Steve and Sylvie are excellent therapists. Sylvie is an incredible teacher as well. I will always use Teamwork and tell all of my friends and family: Teamwork Quincy is a great place to heal!” Ed (Quincy)

“Knowledgeable, friendly staff. Will definitely return in the future if the need arises, and will recommend Teamwork to friends.” Jim (Quincy)

“You are all awesome!! I am going to recommend you to everyone!” Jennifer (Marshfield)

“Great experience! I have had PT for my shoulder and knee at two other locations/providers. My experience at TWPT was the best yet. Indeed it was a superlative experience. My symptoms were dramatically relieved within 2 weeks…The prevailing good humor and camaraderie of the entire office contributed significantly to my high level of satisfaction with this experience.” William (Marshfield)

“This is literally the best PT practice around. Everyone is so friendly and the results are immaculate. I will recommend Teamwork to all friends and family and I will also be calling South Shore Orthopedics and advising them to recommend Teamwork as well. Thanks again, you guys are awesome.” Matt (Marshfield)

“I would recommend this facility to everyone! The staff is absolutely wonderful. They are encouraging, professional, knowledgeable and made this whole experience much easier than I had anticipated. As a nurse I have been in and seen many patient care situations. Besides my own care, the overall care and consideration and treatment of all patients was outstanding. You have a great Team! Thank you!” Joyce (Taunton)

“Every therapist and staff member was a joy to work with. They are professional, encouraging, helpful and they bring laughter and smiles to everyone around. I ended up with better results than the doctor said to expect. It definitely is team work here.” Janice (Marshfield)

“I had a great experience at Teamwork Marshfield.  My treatment went by extremely well.  I first thought it would take forever to get back to taking care of myself.  With the help of Teamwork I not only can take care of myself, I feel better and can do more than the last 10 years.  Thank you.” David